Welcome to Ibéricos COVAP blog

This blog is a space created for lovers of Ibérico products where we’ll talk about the food, creativity, and art surrounding the world of 100% Ibérico products.

Before starting to read our blog, it’s important to remember the 8 qualities you have to have to be a 100% Ibérico foodie.

1-You have to love and adore everything related to Ibérico products.

5-You have to be able to create any recipe with a good Ibérico product.

2-You have to have well-honed senses so you can choose a good product.

6-You have to always be “the chef” at meals with your friends

3-Choose the best garnish to savor the 100% Ibérico flavor.

7-You have to find the flavor of a 100% Ibérico product irresistible.

4-Distinguish the scent of dry-cured acorn-fed 100% Ibérico pork ham

8-You have to be willing to learn the art of cutting, no matter how hard it is.