Mature Pasteurized Sheep’s Milk Cheese [Half]

21,00  (Including tax) 15.00 €/kilo
Ibéricos COVAP

A half mature cheese made with pasteurized sheep´s milk, resulting in a mild flavor. It stands out for its firm compact curd, ivory color and mild aroma.

Technical features

Weight: Approx. 1,5Kg

Ageing: 7-9 months

Nutritional information
Nutritional informationPer 100g
Energetic value390 Kcal/1618 Kj
Fats (%m/m)32 %
Saturated fats (%m/m)20 %
Carbohydrates (%m/m)<0,4 %
Sugars<0,4 %
Proteins25 %
Salt1,7 %
Calcium800 mg (100%*)

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep’s milk, animal rennet, egg lysozyme (E-1105), calcium chloride (E-509), lactic ferments and salt.

Ibéricos COVAP
Ibéricos COVAP
Delivery time 48 h.
Delivery time 48 h.
Gluten free
Gluten free