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Alta Expresión Dry-cured Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Pork Loin

Alta Expresión COVAP Dry-cured Ibérico pork range comes from 100% Ibérico Breed pigs, raised in a totally unique environment not found anywhere else in the world and fed on a diet of herbs and acorns during the fattening season (Montanera) on our own pastures.

Following a meticulous rearing and production process from origin right through to the aging period in our cellars, which results in an exclusive product featuring balanced aromas and intense flavours.

It is considered the most prized choice cut of the Ibérico pig with one of the most distinguished flavors and a flavor and aroma that are unique in the world. It has a hint of salt and slight notes of a variety of premium quality natural spices. Its pinky, marbled fat gives it a juicy, consistent texture.