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Grass-Fed 100% Ibérico Pork Shoulder Alta Expresión

118,00  (Including tax) 24.84 €/kilo
Ibéricos COVAP

Dry cured Grass Fed 100% Ibérico pork Shoulder Alta Expresión, are very highly rated for the juicy meat that comes from the foreleg of the 100% pure-breed Ibérico pig. Discover the intense flavors of this Ibérico pork shoulder!

Technical features

Piece: Approx. 4,5 - 5 kg

Maturing from: 2018

Ageing: +12 months

Nutritional information
Nutritional informationPer 100g
Energetic value367 Kcal/1538 Kj
Fats25 g
Saturated fats8,5 g
Carbohydrates2 g
Sugars0,5 g
Proteins33 g
Salt4,7 g

Ingredients: Ibérico pork Shoulder, salt, sugar, acid regulator (E-331iii), preservatives (E-250 and E-252) and antioxidant (E-301).

Our pork shoulder cumplies with the regulation of Ibérico according to the Real Degree 4/2014 of the 10th of january.

Ibéricos COVAP
AENOR. Bienestar Animal. Animal Welfare.
Ibéricos COVAP, solo bellota
Ibéricos COVAP
Free shipping costs
Free shipping costs
Delivery time 48 h.
Delivery time 48 h.
Allergen-free (gluten and lactose-free)
Allergen-free (gluten and lactose-free)