Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota | Ibéricos COVAP

Dry-Cured Acorn-Fed Ibérico Chorizo

4,95  (Including tax) 18.00 €/kilo
Ibéricos COVAP

Artisan chorizo made from the very best Ibérico pork lean, with a delicate, lightly-smoked flavor. This product comes from acorn-fed Ibérico pigs and is made according to our traditional recipe.

Technical features

Weighs: Approx. 275 g

Ageing: + 60 days

Nutritional information
Nutritional information Per 100g
Energetic value 478 Kcal/1580 Kj
Fats 42 g
Saturated fats 17 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Sugars 0 g
Proteins 25 g
Salt 3,5 g

Ingredients: Ibérico pork Lean, salt, peper, sugar, dextrin, pig protein, dextrose, spices, acid regulator (E-331iii), antioxidant (E-301), preservative (E-250). Non-endible casing. May contain traces of milk and soya.

Ibéricos COVAP
Ibéricos COVAP, criado en libertad
Ibéricos COVAP, solo bellota
Ibéricos COVAP
Recomendaciones degustación COVAP
Eat/Taste between 20ºC and 24ºC
Información Alergeneos COVAP: Gluten
Gluten free