COVAP, Symbol of experience and guarantee of quality

Because we are a cooperative of farmers that, generation after generation, has maintained a commitment to authenticity.
For over four generations, our farmers have been raising the best acorn-fed Ibérico pigs, which has made us a symbol of tradition and quality.
Two values that we can guarantee throughout the entire process thanks to our closed production cycle, from raising our 100% Ibérico pigs to the artisanal and traditional production of all of our products.


The history of our cooperative is written by all the people who have made it possible for us to become who we are, from the very beginning until today. And of course by those unique pasturelands that saw it born and have been part of its life since day one. The pasturelands and the farmers are the heroes of this story of a calling, a tradition and a love for this special land


  • Beginnings

    The Valley of Los Pedroches Farming Cooperative was established in 1959. Several years later, we began working with Ibérico pigs.

  • Cooperative

    Guided by an unprecedented spirit of cooperation, the small Iberian pig farms in the region united in a shared initiative: our Cooperative.

  • Objective

    Their objective was to gain the capacity to process and sell their own Ibérico products, with the added value of the land where they come from.

  • Tradition

    Farming families that have preserved the know-how of past generations through today, from parents to children, year after year.

  • Construction

    In 1986 we built our slaughterhouse, the cutting room and our natural curing and drying cellars where we continue with our legacy.

  • Quality

    And thanks to improved quality processes from the very source, COVAP Ibérico products are today synonymous with quality and tradition.

  • Authenticity

    And they can be found at the most select points of sale and dining establishments worldwide, maintaining the tradition and the same authenticity they’ve always had.


The lands that saw the birth of our Cooperative are much more than a landscape: they are a natural legacy of millennium-old holm oak trees, whose fruit has been feeding our Ibérico pigs since time immemorial, helping create truly unique products.

These Ibérico pork products are defined and characterized by having come from this place and that valuable diet that today we continue uphold as one of the reasons for their immense value.


We are a cooperative of farmers who have maintained a commitment to authenticity generation after generation. We are a large family who share a story that began nearly 60 years ago, when the first farmers from some of the small Iberian pig farms in the region united in a shared initiative, guided by an unprecedented spirit of cooperation to create a union that has not stopped growing ever since.

We have come a long way thanks to the cooperation, dedication and care shown by each and every one of our members. Our experience of more than 50 years of producing Ibérico pork products has made us a symbol of tradition and quality.