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Discover our selection of Iberian breed products, unique hams of exceptional quality and unmistakable flavor, distinguished by their origin and careful production.

Ibéricos COVAP
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Ibéricos COVAP
A journey to our pasture
Discover the origin of our Iberian hams: Los Pedroches pastureland is an incomparable ecosystem, where an immense forest of hundred-year old holm oaks provide acorns for feeding our Iberian pigs and a privileged environment for rearing them in freedom.
Ibéricos COVAP

Pleasure with a denomination of origin

Los Pedroches Pasturelands are the largest expanse of holm oaks in the world, an exceptional habitat for feeding with acorns from a lineage of unique animals: 100% Iberian pigs. With a privileged micro-climate for curing our Iberian hams, which gives them an unmistakable subtlety and personality.